IVMED Clinic philosophy is reproductive perfection, based on four basic principles of our work:


We operate, starting with the simplest methods, and further to the most complex and most high-tech methods of treating infertility. We use diagnostic and treatment methods, only with definite and real results, and we offer our patients additional systemic solutions that can increase the efficacy of infertility treatment.

All the methods of assisted reproductive technology existing in the world can be implemented in IVMED Clinic.

Continuous improvement of medical knowledge, careful monitoring of all processes and analysis of the results, along with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment of our laboratories, allow us to offer comprehensive services of the highest quality.


IVMED Clinic patient always has the opportunity to evaluate the proposed treatment tactics and its efficacy and come to the agreed decision with the doctor regarding what measures will be taken at each stage of their treatment.

The patient is the center of our team of medical specialists, and we interact with them, as with the Partner, so that he has complete information and knowledge about the treatment process on the way to achieving the target of becoming the Parent.

We provide open and accurate information about the cost of all services prior to treatment, so that the Patient can assess the financial framework of the therapy and its cost-efficacy, and there are no financial surprises for them.

We offer treatment according to the strict ethical norms and medical standards. This is the fundamental principle on which the trust of thousands of patients who come to us from all over the world is based.


Qualification and psychological preparedness of every specialist of our clinic, in which ensuring the safety of medical services is the priority goal and internal need.

The most expensive thing in IVMED Clinic is embryos and their safety is above all. To eliminate errors and confusion when working with reproductive cells in the embryology laboratory, the triple control system is used.

This means checking each sample before each manipulation by two different specialists and the additional use of the electronic microchip of IVF ID WITNESS system, which prevents the cells from being misidentified or confused. This system provides exceptional security and control.

This allows us to offer our patients peace of mind and guarantee that we have done everything possible to ensure the safety of your embryos.


Since the first day of our work, we take care to provide each patient with the best solutions for achieving pregnancy.

We are confident in the efficacy, adequacy, safety of our medical care and emotional comfort, so we are ready to bear financial responsibility to the patient for the result of our work in our special IVF programs with guarantees.

The IVF programs with IVMED clinic guarantees are designed to help patients reduce the financial risk in case of an unsuccessful IVF procedure.

Providing the guarantee of IVMED clinic, we do not promise the impossible, but at the same time we guarantee the possible. Our guarantee of pregnancy is not just a promise. This is the fulfillment of promises.

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